Starbase Aurora

Space… The Final Frontier…

These words were spoken by legends, such as James T. Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, Spock of Vulcan, Johnathan Archer… they helped to push the frontier further and further. This was done because humanity had a desire to explore. To quote Astronaut Frank Borman: Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.

For over two centuries, Starfleet has sent out ships to explore, to find new civilizations and to make first contact, and because of their efforts, Starfleet grew, and expanded. But everything changed in 2366.

Starfleet was invited, by the Barzanian’s, to bid for exclusive use of what was advertised to be the first stable wormhole known to exist. Unfortunately, only one side of it was stable. The other… not so much. This led to two Ferengi stuck in the Delta Quadrant.

However, the USS Voyager almost stabilised it when they found the exit aperture in the Delta Quadrant. Before they could use it, the two Ferengi who were stuck caused it to become unstable, on both ends.

But this was corrected by Starfleet in 2394, at least in part. In 2395, it was fully stabilised, and Starfleet knew that they needed to defend the gateway. So, in the Delta Quadrant, the first Starbase was built, one that would become a hub of commerce between thousands of alien species. It would become a place of peace, but it would be prepared for war.

Now fully active, the crew and officers of the Starbase has a mandate to help explore, support the task forces in the Delta Quadrant, and be the first line of defence, should an offensive force come through the wormhole. They are also tasked with exploring the Delta Quadrant, and making contact with new species, whilst providing a safe home for a number of civilians, traders and other businesses.

But we all know the dangers that Deep Space Nine faced with the Gamma Quadrant. What new dangers might come through… and how far can we push that final frontier… before it pushes back?