Star Trek Lux Æterna

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In the year 2443…

20 years into the reign of Emperor Tiberius the 3rd. The once-great United Earth has undergone nearly three centuries of war and conflict and come out a changed entity. The United Emperium of Planetary Systems now stands in its place. And as the long arm of the Emperium, Starfleet continues to search out the galaxy for new life and new civilizations. Transwarp technology has made surpassing the speeds never before dreamed an easy feat. 

But all is not well. in the Gamma Quadrant, a subspace rift has taken a number of ships and even a planet, pulling them into its ever-growing maw. As a last-ditch effort, the 4 ships of the new Æterna class were sent to use their new Quantum Slipstream dives in an attempt to “reset” the fabric of space around the disturbance.

Though the plan was successful a ship from another world was pulled into the Emperium. A ship from a world that has not known war in many hundreds of years. A world where skillful negotiation has brought peace. A ship hopelessly outmatched by the Emperium and very much on its own.

This is the story of that ship, this is the story of the Lux Æterna.