Pandia Colony

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It sits at the entrance to the Typhon Expanse; a large system with several types of uninhabitable planets, save one. A fair-sized moon that fits the criteria of an M class planetoid. In her orbit, Starfleet and Federation vessels move too and fro as they beam down the first colonists and refreshment of staff toward the colony designated Pandia Colony. The hustle and bustle of crowds fill the streets as the first families arrive to take their place amongst the homesteads and farms. Starfleet crew exchange greetings as they begin to rotate personnel, replacing Starfleet Engineering Corpsman with scientists, doctors, psychologists, citizens, fighter pilots, police and much much more. Where will you start?

Pandia Colony is a fresh concept and fresh sim with unlimited potential. It is currently seeking crew and civilians from every walk of life. We have two rosters, one for the colony and one for the support vessel that will be exploring the depths of the Typhon Expanse. This is almost like two sims in one!

the Dominion. Trans-warp ships are now becoming more common in Starfleet and the days of standard warp travel are falling behind slowly.